2016 Project

August 2016

*This is our 4th Project in our target town of Torwood in the Midlands of Zimbabwe with a population of 35,000 people

Please check out our 2013/14/15 Projects in Torwood on our website

Our first borehole for our target town Torwood August 2016 is in Section D
This new borehole will service 600 families of 3, 000 people
In August Zimbabwe is in the middle of the dry season which typically runs from the beginning of December until the end of January
The rainy season isn’t very rainy and the dry season is long, unrelenting and punishing
Here is an interview I did today with a Section D resident named Godwin Rwafa a 37 year old husband and father of three children aged 17, 12 and 9.
Godwin has been going daily to work in an abandoned Plant for the last 9 years as a security man. So far this year Godwin has been paid $20. Other men from Torwood also go daily to the Plant digging out coal in the hope that the Plant owners will someday pay them a wage. Over the years the Plant owners have paid the men that work at the site about $100 for 12 months work.
Unemployment in Torwood is around 90%
Godwin’s testimony can be repeated by thousands of Torwood residents
“We have been without clean running water in our section for 7 years with our children and some ladies having to walk daily on a 5km round trip to a borehole at an abandoned Plant to fetch water.
On each journey the 20 liters of water is collected in 2 ten litre buckets carried back by each person.The water is not clean and what we collect is only sufficient for our immediate needs of drinking, cooking and cleaning.
This new borehole in our Section will be life changing for us. We will have sufficient clean running water all year round for drinking, cooking and cleaning and crop irrigation. It will also free up hours of time every day for our children to enjoy more family, school, and social time”
torword 1

Above:Water For Prosperity Project Manager with some children from Section D at the new borehole site location

torwood 2

Above: Water For Prosperity Trust Chairperson David Barnes with Godwin Rwafa from Section D at the new borehole site location

torwood 3

Above: This is a typical home in Torwood, Midlands, Zimbabwe with a young child standing out front

No running water in the house, no electricity, no sewerage, just a shelter from the weather and a place of privacy called ‘home’

A new borehole for Section Torwood Extension.

There are 400 hundred families in this Section of about 2, 000 people.

Prior to this new borehole arriving this week the people of this Section would walk a 4km round trip to collect water from a sewerage pond area outside the town boundaries and over the last 18 months, after our 3rd Project last year, to an even further location to the Graveyard site, a 5km round trip, where we installed a new borehole.

torwood 4

Above Photo: Some of the people from Section Torwood Extension gathered to talk to us as we site the new borehole

Below Photo: We drilled this bore today to 20 meters and found a full aquifer. the bush pump will be installed next week.  The aquifer we hit on this drill was so full and pressurized the walls of the drill hole needed to be cased with steel to prevent the drill wall collapsing

torwood ext hole

The water table in Torwood is very low at the moment due to the dry season and the heavy use of the boreholes

If we had not started installing these boreholes (beginning in 2013) there would have certainly been a cholera outbreak in the town

T Section will be getting a new borehole this week with drilling beginning on Thursday or Friday

We promised this Section a new borehole way back in February 2015 when we were here delivering our 3rd Project

The new bore will service 150 families of 750 people on the town boundary sited beside the unofficial town dump

(There has been no refuse collection in Torwood for many years)

The community is motivated to move the dump rubbish to minimize the pollution of the subterranean aquifer

Photo to come: new borehole location with Section leaders Njabulo Mangana, Thaburi Mangana and Thomas Mhuri

Section Torwood West

 This is a medium sized Section on the town boundary with 300 families and

1, 500 people

 This Section is adjacent to Batanai High School where we installed a new borehole in 2013

 The High School restricts access to the borehole for the residents of this Section


Photo to come: Cuthbert with some kids

T Section Continued….

T Section bore was drilled today to a depth of 40 m where abundant water was found

The people in this Section were busy all morning clearing the years of dumped rubbish from the site and burning what couldn’t be shifted

With a cleared site rain fall will sink through cleanly to the underlying aquifer

This bore will receive an installed pump next week

Torwood West Continued….

Drilled today to a depth of 40 m with an abundant aquifer producing plenty of fresh, clean water

This bore will receive its pump next week

Section D Continued….

We drilled this Section today and found abundant water at 40m

Our drilling in this Section today was held up due to a critical drill head breaking. This set us back a half day.

This Section bore will receive its pump early next week and the 3, 000 people in this Section will have access to fresh, clean running water

Section D drill

Drilled O Section today:

A Section servicing 200 families of 1, 000 people who daily do a 2 -3 km round trip to collect water for their drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

The great irony of this drill site is that in the background up on top of the hill is a massive water tank which has been empty for many long years.

section O

*We have now finished the 4 new boreholes in Torwood which will receive their pumping equipment next week.

Our drilling team moves on to Rutendo to drill 3 new boreholes which will also receive their pumping equipment next week

All 7 boreholes have now been drilled with the pumps to be installed over the next couple of weeks

Torwood town is now fully serviced with 25 boreholes providing clean running drinking water for the 35, 000 inhabitants of the town

This has been a great mission and now we can say ‘mission accomplished’

2015 bore

(Above) This is a new borehole we installed in 2015 and as you can see there are hundreds of buckets in place and people waiting their turn to pump the clean, fresh life giving water to take home to their awaiting families


(Below) This is another of our 2015 new boreholes being utilized to the maximum by hundreds of people every day, 365 days a year.

Torwood now has the most available water of any town in this 250, 000 people city/Region

bore 2015

Torwood – This town of 35, 000 people has 90-95% unemployment, no plumbing, mostly no electricity and before we came in 2013 no access to clean running water. This town was a disaster! Now the whole town has access to clean water for drinking, washing, cleaning and cooking, all year round. Try this at home: turn off all electricity, turn off the water, don’t use the plumbing, go without work for 10 years without any social welfare benefits. Most kiwi’s couldn’t do without any of these things for 2 hours! let alone 10 years.

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