2015 Project

Wednesday 18th Feb.

This is our 3rd Project in Torwood, Midlands, Zimbabwe, following on from our projects in 2013 and 2014 

Week: 1 We have made preparations for our 9 new borehole drills and installations including acquiring civic permits for the use of ‘free land’ in Torwood. Each permit costs $60. Drilling will commence this week due to delays with drilling rig repairs. Each new borehole will service multiple population areas of between 2-4 thousand people, mostly being children.

At this time of the year it is coming to the end of the rainy season and things here are lush, green and ten foot tall but in a few weeks the rain will cease and this area will become like a desert with no rain between the months early April through to November.

These new boreholes will enable the people to grow crops over a longer season including maize, peanuts, red beans, tomato, asparagus, kovo, pumpkins, sweet potato, okra and ground nuts.

The boreholes will also provide clean potable water for drinking and hygiene.

To repeat the saying of the people here, “Water is Life.” 

These new boreholes will also bring a massive improvement in the lives of the school children who are tasked with fetching water for home use.

Let 15 year old school boy Henry Panash explain:

“Daily I fetch water walking a 5 km round trip which starts for me at 4 am. I carry 2 10 liter buckets of water and may have to queue for hours at the pump site. I get home again at 9 am and then go to school. I return from school and repeat the trip for water and return home sometimes at 9 pm at night. I go straight to bed because I am so exhausted. I have no time in my day for school home work or study”.

I asked Henry what difference it would make for him with a new borehole in his Section and he said, “Massive! It would give me time during the day for school home work, study, family time, seeing my friends and church on Sunday”.

Henry’s testimony could be repeated by thousands of school children who live in Torwood.

Through our 2013, 2014 and 2015 borehole projects in Zimbabwe the lives of thousands of children will be revolutionized and their futures made more promising. The lives of their families will also be improved.

Photo: Section N-Q new borehole site with some of the nearby school kids.

Section N-Q

Section grave yard compounds – ladies on a 2 km trek to fetch water from a polluted pond

walk to collect bad water


Section grave yard compounds – ladies are sifting water from a heavily polluted pond and yes they do drink it, wash in it & cook with it

Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is about on average 40 years

Collecting bad water

Section grave yard compounds – this is the collected water from the heavily polluted pond, would you drink this?

Polluted water

This is a grave site – graves are dug by hand to a depth of 6 feet. Most deaths are of young people through sheer exhaustion


Saturday 21st Feb

This is Section W drill site now down to 40 m and capped. We start drilling next Monday and won’t finish till the remaining 8 boreholes are drilled, capped and pumps installed

Here is the drill team having lunch under the generator

Section W, Crew Lunch              Children with Bore Truck


Monday 23rd Feb 

This is the pump installation Team at Section W

Section W pump

This is the drilling Team at Section Q – the well is sunk to a depth of 40 meters hitting a huge aquifer!

Section Q drill Section Q Drilling

These are the great kids at the Shingarirai crèche singing for me about their morning routines, “brushing my teeth, combing my hair”, you get the idea. These kids will be drinking fresh bore water tomorrow as we drill inside the crèche compound and install a pump.



Tuesday 24th Feb 

Our bore hole drilling & installation today is at Shingarirai crèche. We drilled to a depth of 40 meters to a shallow aquifer only suitable to supply the crèche facilities.
Here are some of the children with their teachers.
Our new bore at Section Q is 300 meters away and will serve the wider Community.

Creche drilling


Wednesday 25th Feb

This is Section W borehole now completed with a bush pump and our logo with acknowledgement to Alan (Surname is anonymous) who kindly sponsored the drilling and pump installation – thank you Alan, your generosity has made a life changing difference to thousands of Zimbabweans.

Section W Pump Finished


This Section C-SH-N successfully drilled today to 40 meters with plenty of water – it’s late 30 deg C here today and already the crops are wilting. There has been slight rain here in the last 3 weeks and the locals are saying it could be an early end to the rainy season

Section C-SH-N drilling



Thursday 26th Feb

Section J – drilling in action, this is going to be a deep borehole as Section J is an elevated site serving a population of 2.5 – 3 thousand people. Usually people here do a 4 km round trip to fetch water. The men cleared the drill site mid day in 38 deg C heat. People here are dancing for joy with their new borehole.

Section J drill Section J Drilling

Section Q Borehole was kindly donated by Sir Bob Charles and proceeds from our Water For Prosperity Golf Tournament and VIP Charity Banquet

Section Q


Here are the people from the Batanai High School Section lining up to get water from our 2013 borehole drill and installation. Some of the people carry home 60 kg of water at a time.

Batanai Batanai High

Friday 27th Feb 

This is Section A-G-E drilled in record time to 30 meters. The drilling team were so quick I could not get there in time to take the photo.

So, one day later here is a couple of lovely little African kids posing for me on the capped bore.

The people were so happy here and they pass on their thanks to the kind New Zealanders and other overseas sponsors who donated this borehole

Most borehole pumps are installed now with the handles going on early next week

A-G-E Section A-G-E



This is our 9th and final borehole for this February/March 2015 Project.

This is Section Grave Yard – just on the outside borders of Torwood with 500 people living in 2 compounds.

There is now plenty of water here to serve this hugely disadvantaged community for drinking water, washing, cleaning and crop irrigation in the dry season.

The Grave Yard Section is also used by mourners weekly as they bury their deceased family and friends

Section grave yard drill Section Grave yard drilling

This is a group of people from Section T who have asked us for a borehole. Water here is so scarce that the sections that have water are refusing access to other sections that do not have water.

Unfortunately some sections do not have a suitable place to site a borehole and will need to negotiate with sections that do for their daily water supply.

Some sections are managing their borehole by appointing committees to oversee access to their borehole, pay their annual water fee ($60) to Zimwa and maintain their bore

Section T


We were hoping to plow up this Section C-SH-N so that the people could plant crops. Unfortunately there has only been a trace of rain here in the last 3 weeks and the ground is rock hard. A plow would just bounce of the hard ground or only plow to a shallow depth insufficient for a successful ‘drill’ and plant growth.

Instead I will take a friend here (Willard) to the National Seed Store to spend $100 on seeds and plants that he can distribute around Torwood. The money was kindly donated by our Africa Team 2014 member Paul Sinclair

C-SH-N Plow


Sunday 1st March

Section J – very sadly we are lifting our drill in this section as there is still no water at 55 meters. It is an elevated site like last year’s N section which after a few weeks became dry. We are getting a second opinion on this drill site and may go another 10 meters if we get a good report. If not we may drill to 100 meters on our next Project here in 2016 (June).

The people in this section are very sad about it as it is a very dry section and now they will have to continue their daily 4 km round walking treks for water.

Section J dried Section J dry

Section Shingirirai crèche – the hand pump installation team are hard at work and will continue to install the pumps on all our new boreholes all the way through next week finishing on the Thursday or Friday.

Section Shingirirai Creche pump

Section A-G-E – Final drilling depth was just 30 meters. The pump installation team will return once all the pumps are installed and pour concrete pads around all the finished bore pumps. Finally on all pumps, the pump nuts and bolts are soldered firm and chained for security.

Section A-G-E pump

Saturday 7th March

Section N-Q – borehole now completed

Section N-Q complete

Section A-G-E – borehole now completed

Section A-G-E complete

Section C-SH-N – borehole now completed

Section C-SH-N

Section Grave Yard – borehole now completed

This is David and Gideon with 76 year old Mama trying out the new pump

Mama lives in Section G and does a 10-15 km round trip walking every day to the Grave Yard to tend to her deceased husband’s grave

Section Graveyard complete Section Graveyard completed


Section Q-Hillside – borehole now completed

Section Q-Hillside Complete

Section W – borehole now completed

Section W complete

Section Q – borehole now completed

Section Q complete

Shingirirai crèche = borehole now completed

Creche complete

Here’s a little kid in Torwood saying ‘thanks’ to all the kind people in NZ and our sponsors for bringing fresh, clean water to her Section

Kids thanks

This Torwood Lady now has fresh, clean water to wash the families’ clothes every day

Lady fresh water

We put our stickers on all our new borehole installations as a way of saying thanks to all our sponsors and donors for their generous support of our projects here in Zimbabwe


This is a typical house in Torwood Zimbabwe which are without water, electricity and sewage disposal

Now with fresh, clean water in their sections the people with be able to grow crops all year round and use it daily for drinking, washing and cleaning and hygiene

Torwood house

Sadly the people of Section J will have to wait for our next project for their dry borehole to be deepend

We may need to go to 100 meters to find water for them

Section J dry


Bore sites in Torwood 2015 Section Q – serves a population of 1.5 – 2.5 thousand people with a community ‘free’ area for cropping all year round section Q   Section N-Q – serving a population of 3 – 4 thousand people with a massive community ‘free’ area for cropping all year round. Section N- Q   Shingirirai Creche – serves an area of 2-3 thousand people with 90 children up to 5 years of age on its role. Shingirirai Creche Section W – serves a population of 2-3 thousand people, the people here spent 2 days clearing and preparing the site for drilling. This a huge community ‘free’ area they will be able to crop all year round Section W This is Section J which serves a population of 2.5 – 3 thousand people who currently have a 4 km round trip to collect water for the day. You can see the local men out in the hot, hot, hot, mid day sun clearing a path for our drilling rig and generator. Section J   Section A-G-E – serving a population of 2 -3 thousand people with a large community ‘free’ area for cropping all year round Section A-G-E Section C-SH-N – serving a population of 2 – 3 thousand people with a large community ‘free’ area for cropping all year round. We may plough up this area as it has been fallow for many years Section C-SH-N Section Q-Hillside – serving a population of 1.5 – 2.5 thousand people with a community ‘free’ area for cropping all year round Section Q Hillside   Section grave yard compounds – serving a smaller population of 500 people. This will be our 9th and last borehole in Torwood and is our 2015 feature There are 2 compounds here where the entire population are living about 3 kms from the nearest borehole and that being our 2013 bore hole at Batanai High School To fetch water from the High School the children from this section will complete a 6 km round trip once a day The people here live in traditional African villages with no money. They live ‘off the land’ The children do not attend kindergarten or school because the families do not generate income, there is no employment and no prospects for the children Each compound includes sleeping huts, a shared ‘toilet’, kitchen, crop storage huts, a dish rack and that’s it. The current favored water source is a 2 km round trip to a tiny heavily polluted stagnant pond. The ladies carry 10 liter buckets and sift the water into the buckets then return home. When the pond dries up in the dry season the ladies dig down in the pond bed and use the water that seeps up from below Crops of maize are grown in the rainy season and stored for the lengthy dry season The villages are kept tidy by the people even to sweeping the dirt around the village daily Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is on average about 40 years of age with the unemployment rate about 80% Section grave yard compounds   Section grave yard compounds – this is the shared kitchen, you won’t see this featured on the TV Master Chef programs Section grave yard shared kitchen

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