2013 Project

Torwood, Zimbabwe

Water for Prosperity enables communities in need to source their own clean water.

The charity works with communities that have a genuine need for clean water. We install ground water bores which tap into deep clean aquifers. Water is accessed by sturdy hand pumps which can be easily used by children and adults.

2013 Project

The situation in Torwood, Zimbabwe is dire with a number of areas within the town where water is not available and long distances are travelled by adults and children to source the required water.

Locals Fetching Water

This photo above is taken from one of the areas that we will concentrate on over the next year


The photo above shows children fetching water in small bottles

The charity will continue to install bores throughout the community and to also reach out to nearby communities in need including Rutendo . The bores will be located where the need is greatest and strategically to benefit the greatest number of people. The network of bores will have a large hand pump on each bore that can fill a 20L bucket with only a few stokes of the pump. Water can be easily retrieved by children and adults. Every new water supply makes a huge difference to the livelihoods of thousands of people.

The cost of one bore to a depth of 40 metres and a hand pump is approximately $5500 USD. Sometimes the bore needs to be drilled a little deeper and the cost increases slightly. The drilling technique and the materials used for the set up are high quality and will handle continual use for years.

The community takes ownership of the bore, it belongs to all who use it and therefore everybody respects the equipment and ensures the water supply’s longevity.

Previous Work

Water for Prosperity has recently returned from Torwood. The trip was a huge success with the charity installing three groundwater bores in 2013 and another 8 in 2014.

The current political and economic situation has left the town of Torwood broken. The infrastructure is in tatters with no water, no power and no Council services. The volunteers found it heart breaking to spend time in this town and see the widespread poverty.

The people are hard workers and they struggle to feed themselves and their families. However, they are very friendly and positive given their current situation. The children were especially remarkable, full of life and happy with great attitudes.

Children were battling these conditions when they should be learning and playing. Instead they are up before the sun with their families fetching water. If there is water available and the queues are not too long they are able to make it to school.

Often the collection of water takes up a large part of the day and once people retrieve the water they must ration this water throughout the day. The severe lack of water for this town is very unproductive and hinders any ability to improve their situation.


The two ladies in the above photo woke at 5.00am to collect water. It was 2.30pm in the blazing sun when they returned with only 20L of water each and they had not eaten since the previous day. Soon after returning home they were both out again collecting more water.


These boys above had the luxury of a wheel barrow and had a whopping 60L (that’s 60kg) that they were about to push up a hill.

Batanai High School

Before Water for Prosperity helped the school the teachers and children retrieved water from a river with compromised water quality or when they could a parent of a student at the school would allow the use of a bore. This situation was very difficult for the teachers and children who are up early organising water for the school day. As a result of the water being so difficult to retrieve very little was used in the toilets. This was an unpleasant and very unhygienic situation.

The school has a fantastic Agricultural Department where they teach the children how to rear rabbits, keep bees, and grow vegetables and fruit trees. These skills are essential in this part of the world to ensure they learn the necessary skills to provide food for their families. However, they have had to substantially reduce the size and amount of crops to a small area and the vegetables were mostly dead or wilted. The lemon trees had dried curled leaves with most of the fruit being the size of marbles and these had all fallen on the ground.

The crops in this photo were some of the healthier looking crops. The school supports over a dozen orphans and these children carry out further work on the gardens which mostly entails collecting water.

Batanai School Bore

This photo shows the start of the drilling at the school. The bore is to the side of the soccer field.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony at Batanai School is shown here. The children sang, talked and drank the water.

The children and teachers were all very excited about their new water supply and were very appreciative of all the donors who supported this project. The lives of 1130 children had just dramatically improved.

Torwood Crèche

The Torwood Crèche is run by elders of the community who volunteer their time. These ladies look after 55 to 60 young children. The collection of water for the crèche was very difficult as they relied on others in the community to collect water for them. The lovely ladies were so caring towards the children and it upset them that they could not provide water, which often resulted in having to return the children in an unclean state at the end of the day. The elders of the crèche have been determined to keep the crèche open while other facilities (i.e. hospital) around them have closed.


This photo shows the start of the drilling at the crèche. At just 14 metres below ground level water a significant amount of water was reached. It was essential to keep drilling to access more than one fracture to ensure the long term reliability of the water supply.

The significant yield from this bore was a fantastic result for the crèche and community. The bore now serves the crèche and is also a source for thousands in the community. It reduces the distance they have to travel and the time they spend queuing in the hot sun.


The hand pump is in the foreground. These hand pumps are built very well and are strong and sturdy. Given the build of them they should last at least a few decades with no issues. A small group of children are sitting patiently in the background.

Community Bore

This area has hundreds of homes where the residents have to walk a long way to get water. These people were desperate for a reliable and closer source of water. After working with the council a suitable location was found. Drilling at this site for the charity was very overwhelming. There were many young children who live in this particular area and although they seemed happy the poverty was taking its toll.

Community Bores

This photo shows a group of children who neighbour the new water supply

The locals at the community bore were rapt with the water supply. They danced and sang joyfully. Thousands of lives have been dramatically improved through the installation of this community bore.


This photo shows what now appears to be the normal situation at this bore

2013 Project Conclusion

The installation of the three bores and the valuable source of water have reached a far greater number of people than we thought, helping well over 3000 children and adults.

The three bores will also reduce the pressure on the few existing sources of water and the distance travelled by the community seeking water. More importantly, the three bores provide a clean source of water. Indirectly these three bores will help tens of thousands of people.

The community was so grateful. We had countless people thanking us, hugging us and shaking our hands. They also wanted us to pass on their thanks to the donors of the charity.

This project has been a huge success which can be attributed to the donors of Water for Prosperity. The contribution by Emirates Airline Foundation who flew the volunteers to Africa made this project possible.

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