Every dollar donated goes towards enabling communities in need,
to source their own clean water.

Water for Prosperity is a registered New Zealand charity. The team is voluntary based, to ensure 100% of donations go towards installing water supplies.

Donations are not used for administration, marketing or wages.

Water for Prosperity was foundered in Nelson, New Zealand with a straight forward philosophy:

  • Help communities that have no clean drinking water.
  • Provide donors with a charity where every dollar goes towards installing water supplies.

If you have any questions, or would like to offer your valuable skills, please, don’t hesitate to ask us.

The charity has a growing number of volunteers that have a wide range of skills that range from engineering, IT, groundwater science, horticulture to administration. Importantly the team is dedicated to helping communities that have no clean drinking water.

Water for Prosperity is required to submit an Annual Return to the Charities Commission to maintain donor confidence, Annual Returns will also be available on this website.

Water for Prosperity is registered with the Charities Commission New Zealand registration number CC31075.

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